Visiting Antechamber was a collective performance in Ledreborg Slot, Lejre, Denmark. Book the bus from Copenhagen, or tune in on The Lake Radio online. please pass long to anyone you might know nearby.

Ledreborg Slot
18th September 2021
@visitantechamber  (see more info below)

Antechamber gathers thirteen local and international artists for a collective performance and banquet within the baroque interior of Ledreborg Slot. New voices will inhabit the stairwells and corridors of the palace, bleeding between bedrooms, halls, the chapel and french garden. Antechamber instigates a precarious courtship between the living artists and decaying building. A flurry of narrative tangling with Ledreborg’s legacy, a tremor in its timeline.

Performance, music & poetry: Judith Hamann, Zoe Darsee & Nat Marcus, Polido, Xenia Xamanek & Varnrable, Lia Mazzari & Sholto Dobie and Claus Haxholm

Lighting & make-up: Max Shamash and Emily Schubert

Sound Installation: Sonja Labianca & Heine Thorhauge Mathiasen

Performance: 5 ~ 9pm

Public banquet: 9pm ~ late


FREE, limited availability, booking below

Performance, banquet and bus from Copenhagen are free, a bar will sell drinks and snacks throughout the day

Live broadcast by The Lake Radio

Organised by Max Shamash & Sholto Dobie

Supported by Danish Art Foundation & SNYK