currently showing at ‘State of Emergency” at Sopot State Art Gallery in Poland 

‘LISTENING PORTALS’ is a mobile open source project dealing with transmission ecologies during times of crisis.
The work creates sound portals with live sound transmision boxes that were sent and set up in 3 Ukrainian cities: Kyiv, Kharkiv and Odesa. 

Project by: Timothy Maximenko, Lia Mazzari, Ben Parry and Grant Smith from Soundcamp. 

UPDATE: Due to the constantly changing political circumstances in Ukraine and inherent power cuts, changing weather conditions, the sound streams cut out for longer periods.
We are always trying to fix these issues from afar but the safety and wellbeing of our Ukrainian collaborators who ultimately install the boxes in their chosen locations, is at the forefront of this project. 
We are currently working on getting Kyiv and Kharkiv back on the network. 

Live open microphones can be listened to here: