SHOES ( every last Sunday every 2nd month on RTM.FM)

“SHOES is a bi-monthly radio show co-hosted by Lia Mazzari and Zara Joan Miller on RTM.FM. Each show focuses on a different pair of shoes, the sounds they make and how, once recorded and reheard, they begin to form a political language across time.

Research-led, SHOES traces rhythms of human expression across dancing, pedestrian and barefooted cultures with a focus on sounds of resistance.”

SHOES 01 gathers sounds of flamenco footwork. Lia and Zara share their zapateado findings over the hour including a discussion into gender and flamenco’s Afro-Andalusian roots.

CARMEN AMAYA - Flamenco Bailaora
Foot work drills (YouTube)
Isabel Parra - Viva el 18 de Septiembre
Yinka Esi Graves - Tientos
Flamenco de Senegal (YouTube)
Shirley Clarke - Bull Fight (audio from film)
Porrina de Badajoz - Esquilones de Plata - Bulerías
Pedro Iturralde & Paco de Lucía - Las Morillas de Jaén
La Chana in the Bobo ( audio from italian version film)
Yinka Esi Graves - Solea 'The Fine Line por Solea'
Ron Hitchens - excerpt from 1960: Monitor: The Light Fantastic

SHOES 02: Marching Shoes
SHOES 02 follows the sound of marching feet. Military parades and anti-war marches; a funeral march; chain gang blues; liberation movements; and one ear walking woman. Collected over the month of March, these sounds of collective resistance or acquiescence reflect the paradox of a world on the cusp of spring and yet another war. We hear cycles of relentless human history, as well as those who march to the sound of a different drum.

Jesus Walks (Instrumentals), The College Dropout, Kanye West
Ruins, Full Metal Jacket (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
”It makes a long time man feel bad" and "Prison Blues”, Negro Prison Songs, Alan Lomax
Materina dúška, DILO, Lucia Nimcová & Sholto Dobie
[excerpt] The Long Farewall (Dolgie provody), dir. Kira Muratova, 1971
[excerpt] The Asthenic Syndrome (Astenicheskij sindrom), dir. Kira Muratova, 1989
Marche funèbre, Franz Liszt
“Mouvement de libération des femmes iraniennes année zero”
Urban Magic: March-Warm Night Blues Stroll-Down The Walkway-RM Express, Urban Bushmen, The Art Ensemble of Chicago
Ear Walking Woman (1996), Annea Lockwood

SHOES 03: Louise Bourgeois’ High Heels
Inspired by female cats in heat, High Heels is the name Louise Bourgeois’ gave to her armless creation, bent over with its arse in the air, high heels fixed to its feet. SHOES 03 imagines the sounds the wearer of these steel heels would make. From Yoko Ono’s scream to Dolly Parton’s declaration of love, we hear resounding pleasure and pain. In the pursuit of fashion and femininity, we hear from the woman who broke both her feet and how, post-pandemic, the high heel has made a comeback.

Track list
Annea Lockwood, Ear Walking Woman, (1996)
Yoko Ono screaming, MoMA (2010)
“Louise Bourgeois Peels a Tangerine”
Brandy ft. Sy’rai, High Heels
Fastest 100m in high heels in Guinness World Record attempt
Claudine Roux’s High Heels
Joni Mitchell - Overture/Cotton Avenue
Dolly Parton - Head Over High Heels
High Heels segment, You and Yours, Radio 4, BBC Sounds (23 May 2022)
Amerie - 1 Thing
How To: Walk In Heels
Venus Xtravaganza, Paris Is Burning (Jennie Livingston, 1990)